Feeling the Spirit within!

So easy today - get your Selfrealisation to break the egg!

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi and Mahatma Gandhi

As a child, Shri Mataji lived with her parents in the ashram of Mahatma Gandhi. Gandhi saw the wisdom of this child and used to appreciate her immensely, affectionately calling her Nepali due to the Nepali features of her face.

Even at a young age, her deep understanding was evident to Gandhi, who frequently sought her advice on spiritual matters.

Shri Mataji's involvement in the freedom struggle is extremely remarkable. She was very courageous and played a daring role as a youth leader of this campaign. In the 1942 "Quit India Movement" announced by Gandhi, she was even arrested and put in jail along with other freedom fighters for actively participating in this movement.

The TV Channel of Kharkov showed during the exhipition "India through the eyes of Europeans" that story of Sri Mataji and Mahatma Gandhi on television.

You were born with it!

For many thousand years the secret has been known only by a few! There is a force within and you, YOU were born with it! They call it K U N D A L I N I. And it is curled up in your Sacrum Bone at the base of your spine. When the Kundalini is awakened it raises through your spinal cord and up above your Fontanelle Bone area where you can feel it as a cool breeze. No other force is able to transform your conciousness.

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